Ivories - Cabaret Performance

Cabaret Performance
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Ivories - Cabaret Performance

Cabaret Performance
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Merle Minda - Alaska Adventures

Alaska Adventures
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About Us

Photo: Group of elderly people talking

For 10 years, Strictly Seniors was the only Twin Cities metro-wide program geared to the interests of the sizable audience of older adults who previously had no programming directed toward them. The growing 62+ audience - the age when "seniordom" unofficially begins; the first year eligible seniors can start collecting social security -- is proven and valuable in terms of awareness, disposable income, political acumen, and range of interests. Strictly Seniors was developed to meet the interests, needs and entertainment of this viewing audience.

As a senior myself, I know full well the validity and importance of our program. Life certainly does not stop at 62, rather, seniors keep eating, spending, buying, traveling, voting, having fun and doing all the other things that make up a full range of life's activities. And, guess what? We have much more time to do them - along with a variety of both opportunities and age-related problems to address and deal with.

Look at it this way. Nowadays, the great majority of retirees begin drawing their Social Security between the ages of 62 and 65. In fact, by age 65, 90 percent of the senior population is retired.

Additionally, current actuarial figures indicate that both men and women retirees will be living, on average, into their mid-80's. Women's life expectancies even have an edge at slightly better.

These figures mean that, for most of us, we will have 20-25 years of retired life, which amounts to about one-third of our entire adult life. These expectations remind us that retirees have plenty of time to explore and initiate a new, richer and more diversified life-style, even a new career, if we wish.

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